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"I live for the passion and my passion is the Ice Cream "(Gianni)




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Our Story

This short story could begin with the classic "Once was a boy who had a dream ..." and I can assure you that now, after all these years it still seems to me a great story ... Well do not you think was always accompanied by fairies and charming princes, witches and wizards there have been bad, but I think I can look back with great serenity and satisfaction.

It was 1976 when the 'Gelateria Gianni' opened for the first time, had already been kiosks and collaborations with famous ice cream shops in the area, but this was my, my family, with our products, and customers there gave reason. Today we produce 100 to 200 kilograms of ice cream a day, we have won many awards we have always considered an incentive to improve, we have customers who come from distant cities and want to taste our ice cream, companies that offer us information exchanges. In the era of the Internet we can share even more of our experiences and our products, we just hope to continue with the same enthusiasm and the same passion.